"1977 will happen again. 1977 is happening somewhere, for someone, right now." wrote Derek Ridgers referring to what for him in the UK was the year of birth of this outcry against society: the punk movement.
There is, however, a clarification to be made: punk is an attitude, it is not just a movement, and it is precisely in the project 'PUNK È MODA' (quoting the historic Oi! Roman band Colonna Infame) that my intention is to discredit, destroy and eradicate the pop clichés linked to the punk imaginary.
Photographing and forging relationships with the Roman scene and the tribe all over Italy over these years, I felt the need to give myself a definition of my concept of acting and being punk through photography.
Starting from a historiographical research of the birth of the social phenomenon in the first half of the 1970s, going through political disputes, squats and concerts that managed and still manage to bind together the anti-systemic, anti-capitalist, anti-speciesist and anti-fascist rebel youth of the whole of Europe, I discovered that every object used in punk clothing does not actually have a purely aesthetic value, but a political one. 
To describe what punk is it's impossible.
It is the expression of oneself without censorship, without inviolable rules, and much more, where clothing is only a consequence, a vehicle that allows oneself to manifest to society.
Project developed through 2019 and 2021
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