My artistic research originates from the need to define. The multidisciplinary approach tries to reflect the complexity and stratification of modern society, returning my radical thinking into tangible matter. Recurrent themes in my work are identity, memory, spirituality and rebellion.
​​​​​​​Giulia Tagliaferri is a visual artist based in Rome. Her main language is photography, a field in which she has been trained through in-depth studies and experience acquired over time. Fascinated by semiotics, the importance of the image and its contemporary meaning, she then furthered her studies in graphic design.
2022 - 2023: "Firma Visiva" master in authorial photography, Officine Fotografiche, Rome // 2021 - "Layout" short course on editorial design for photography and arts, Door Factory, Rome // 2017 - 2021: BA in photography and visual communication, ISFCI academy, Rome // 2016: short course in mixed media, collage and printmaking, UAL Central Saint Martins, London​​​​​​​
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Ph credits: Lorenzo Bove

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