destroy your definition of self.
Our era, overtaken by a feeling of existential precariousness, can easily make us inclined to a nefarious attitude. Uncertainty prevails: climatic, environmental and social catastrophes constantly change the landscape of our future, while irresolution alters our perception of the present existence, preventing us from focusing on the fact that the end is necessary for there to be a beginning.
Working with archive material leads me to question the conflict of memory, drawing a timeline within the narrative. A past, that of the human species, fascinating and tangible contrasted with a future destined to be devoid of physical evidence, such as printed photographs, perhaps even devoid of natural monuments, healthy humans or those sheltered from war and danger on a wide scale.
By destroying the subjects of the photographs, I intend to make explicit the hope I have for mother nature, absolute generating force. Because there is always a future unfolding in every moment we live, and the earth will constantly be able to be reborn from its ashes.
Project developed throught 2020 - 2022
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